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About Song of Hope Church

Pastor Ronald Bronski, an Associate Pastor 
at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church for 11 years, 
believed that the Lord had called him 
to plant a church in Vancouver. 
On January 1, 2007 
Song of Hope Church was officially born.

Our mission is to win souls and make disciples. 
Pastor Bronski and the leadership at Song of Hope Church have a vision of becoming a community of active believers modeled after the Acts 2 church.

Song of Hope Church 
is a multi-cultural / multi-generational church. 
Everyone iswelcome. We are small in number, 
but big in our confidence toward our Lord Jesus Christ 
who we know to be faithful and true. 
Anything that Song of Hope may accomplish 
will be to the glory of God, as we know that
 apart from HIM we can do nothing.

We invite you to come and participate with us 
as we embark on this journey of impossibility 
with great joy and anticipation, watching with eyes of faith 
to see just how God will write this Song of Hope.

In conclusion,
just as Philip told Nathaniel regarding Jesus,
we invite you to "come and see" 
what God is doing at Song of Hope Church.

Our Roots at Song of Hope Church

We at Song of Hope Church believe that roots are important.
Everyone came from someone and every local church 
came from another local church. 
Consequently, we have decided to include 
some of the history of the church we came from. 
That church is Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 
located in Portland, Oregon.

Mt. Olivet was organized in 1907, 
when a small group of African Americans
 successfully persuaded the 
American Baptist Home Mission Society 
to grant them a contract of organization. 
For the next eighty years, Mt. Olivet served 
as a spiritual home for many families 
in the Portland/Vancouer area. 

In November 1987, Dr. James E. Martin, 
of Bluefield, West Virgina, became the Senior Pastor. 
The church grew significantly under the 
leadership of Pastor Martin and in 1993 
moved to its present location at 8501 N. Chautauqua Blvd. 
The church continues to make a tremendous 
spiritual impact on the Portland/Vancouver area.

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